Membership Guildlines

The MPCCTMPC is an inspired activity drawn from the minds and strengths of a group of people, leading to the creation of a quiet but dynamic cooperative. MPCCTMPC is centered on generating and providing work for it's members, and formulating financial strategies that will increase their modest investments.

MPCCMTPC invites those who are interested to become not only members but as owners and experience a transformation in their lives in terms of character, career and entrepreneurial build up.

Members Benefits
* Upon signing in as a member, you automatically become a Part Owner!
* Profit sharing through dividends and interest income through savings and fix deposits.
* Have an active participation on cooperative's concerns.
* Assurance of full and complete government benefits like SSS, Pag-IBIG and Philhealth.
* Continued skills training and updates for professional and personal advancement and long-term deployment.
* Increased productivity and income through continuous hiring based on skills and eligibility.
* Productivity cash incentives and material rewards.
* Loan and credit access.
* Personal benefits including recreational activities, Christmas gifts, and study grants and trainings.