ADVANCE is a unique solution and innovation designed to create peace and harmony in the Philippine labor industry.

Under this program, MPCCTMPC supplies the labor force and negotiates with the partner company for every work contract. This practice assures companies that there is a full complement of people with varied expertise and training, ready to work for them long term but not as regular employees.

ADVANCE guarantees zero employee and corporation related issues, concerns and its accompanying responsibilities and possible labor-related problems. The MPCCTMPC assumes all the responsibilities for maintaining discipline among its Member-Owners and ensures their benefits

The partnership among the cooperative, its member-owners and the clients within a positive environment, without the presence of a labor threatening situation, can bring greater productivity among all the parties.

Advantages of the ADVANCE Program innovation to Partner Companies

1. MPCCTMPC offers membership to a company's qualified employees and include them in the cooperative labor pool.

2. The company is assured of a qualified workforce, some of which maybe its contractual employees who could be retained long term without making them regular employees.

3. The company is assured that the workers receive in full all government mandated benefits.

4. A fair administrative fee is charged.

5. All members are properly supervised which includes:
* Job and moral supervision
* Performance monitoring
* Training in value formation and technical upgrades

6. The company is assured of reduced exposure to labor problems because:
* No labor union
* Members can avail of the benefits provide by the cooperative.
* The company or client is not accountable for any labor concerns of member-workers.

7. Reduced training or re-training cost to companies because workers are continually employed and therefore their technical mastery and proficiency on the job is ensured.

8. A positive work environment is achieved resulting to improved productivity and workers’ loyalty.