We envision our cooperative as a role model to the nation, as a catalyst, a champion in solidarity. Market Place Christian Church Transport and Multi-Purpose Cooperative (MPCCTMPC) has gained its growth for the past eight years of its existence through our cooperative vision, and it still remains a great challenge to every member, to become an instrument and a channel of God’s abundance.


Our mission to produce “highly skilled workers with Godly character” is a serious commitment and has been given much priority. A significant contribution to the workforce is where our country well-renowned internationally. We are working to make social, spiritual and environmental contributions in partnership to our nation’s sustainable development.

Core Values

Our core values: Integrity, Unity, Solidarity Economy, and Social Responsibility, will enable the team to be proactive and more resilient in the socio-economic changes in our society. Facing different crisis is a real challenge, and it requires adequate preparation. Issues facing society are becoming increasingly complicated and diversified, but our cooperative has been well positioned to stand the ups and downs of its effect.

As “Kamay-Ari” co-owners, we are united as one in accordance to the coop’s philosophy: to help ourselves and to help others.

We adhere to the highest level of ethical business practices through the guidelines set by Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), and for the ethical conduct of our officers and employees.

Our labor services, credit and loans, pest control, and our newest product line, transport service, have given us an edge to excel and to bless our members, and our clients. Our coop’s assets at P 6.8 Million in 2006, has climbed to P 51.2 Million at the end of 2013. We owed it to our Almighty God, to our Board of Directors and Coop Officers, our Management and Staff, our Clients, our Cooperators/Investors and Members.


Our (5) five-year plan projects for MPCCTMPC are attainable, from the sustainable growth we had in the years passed. We are strengthening and expanding our coop businesses while developing new business projects, thereby increasing the coop’s value. We believe these efforts will drive new innovation to our existing product lines to gain additional value.

We are also aiming to remain your most valued and trusted business partner and we pledge to adhere to the highest standards of integrity and to fulfill our nation’s motto to be: “maka-diyos maka-tao maka-bayan at maka-kalikasan”.